Monday, March 16, 2009

Win my bass/Peta2 Giveaway

Although I've had some differences in opinion, or direction with Peta and Peta2 in the past, I'm still vegan after 13 or so years and I still think they're one of the only publicly recognized organizations truly and relentlessly spearheading the animal rights movement. If you think the issue is too big to reverse, may I remind you we just elected a black president, go ask your grandparents if they ever thought they'd see the day. With the way the world is headed, especially in regards to our food supply, I think its time for people to wake up and snap out of their comfort zones and realize what's really going on here. Just in case you need a refresher course, I highly recommend reading this open letter to the president that Michael Pollan recently wrote. If I had to pick a side, and there were only two sides, the one for the animals and the other one, I'm pretty certain that I'd be standing alongside Peta, so...Whacktivism or not, here we come...

Go here, the rest is self explanatory.

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