Friday, January 22, 2010

Paul Stamets

Some of my oldest memories are of stealing a small glass mushroom my Mom had displayed in a printers box on our wall which was filled with other iconic knick knacks. I was mysteriously obsessed with this mushroom, and consequently all others since. I've spent adult days digging through attic boxes searching for it again to no avail...chances are I'm the one who lost it in the first place some 25 years ago; my Mom has no idea where it is.
I remember reading this guys books on growing mushrooms years ago when I was experimenting with growing them myself. Its always funny when names like this come back around in a big way. A few days ago I was directed here to an audio interview he did with David Wolfe in which he talks about everything from Longevity to some rather Michael Pollan-esque ideas about mycellium being natures internet and the biosphere taking advantage of us humans to forward its agenda and finally about halfway through he tells a story about psilocybn mushrooms curing him of stuttering...Intense stuff.
Needless to say, if he's on this blog, I'm stoked about him and all the connections he's making between the environment, saving it, and more loosely, psychedelics. This is big. Enjoy.

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