Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I just learned Carlos Castaneda was a fraud!

Am I the last to know?!
I remember reading 'Journey To Ixlan' in high school and really spending a good amount of time ruminating on the experiences retold in that book. The ancient wisdom, the plant knowledge, the spirit world...After watching this documentary about the life and writings of Castaneda, my teenage ego is hurt, I feel personally betrayed. It really bothers me that he would defy the 'Golden Rule' of anthropology and put the very people he was writing about - as well as the plants and practices whose knowledge he was supposedly a strong proponent for - at a tremendous risk. This must be what all those Oprah book club 'Million Tiny Peices' readers felt...except the 4 women closest to the dead-beat dad author didn't presumably kill themselves in hopes of reuniting in 'Infinity.'

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